I have been an apprentice judge at several antique meets.


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Photo Gallery

Me and my mom, Jean Davidson

My son Carter hitching a ride to school on our 1946 G

Jjon's brother riding in countryJon's son on '46 GJon and his Mom Jon's brother on '50 panJon judgingJon and friends in Catskill NY

Left to right– Dan Henke, Jean Davidson, Peter Oeflein, and me with my Badger AMCA buds.

Jon's sister in '40 Knuckle

Sista Susie happy on 1940 EL

Jon and family and Arthur Harley Davidson

L       R:  Bro in law Steve,  Susie, son Nic, mom Jean,

Arthur Harley Davidson (son of H-D founder), wife Kristi,

                                me and son Carter.

Jon and brother w/ nephew

My bro Bill with his son Max in the side car of my ‘69 Police Special.  This bike was my Dad’s daily rider.

Little bro Pete cruising’ his 1950 FL